Kid’s Brain Power


By drawing you stimulates your right hand side brain and the effectiveness is better especially when you were young. Researchers and scientist agree that there are two ways of knowing and seeing things. These are the verbal and analytic mode which deals with numbers and words, and the visual creative side which deals with emotions visual images and perception of the world around us.

These two sides use two very different parts of the brain, the right-side and the left-side. Today most of us access our left-side brain which is our verbal & analytic side. By engaging in drawing you are improving right-side of your brain. History indicates 80% of the population is left-side dominant whereas only 20 % is right-side dominant. 

Our school educational system is more on reading, writing and arithmetic which develops left-side brain and right-side brain tendencies among children thereby discouraged. By saying that minority who actually are right brain dominant  often have difficult time learning in this heavily left-side brain environmental system. 

With that , we have sensible evidences now stimulating both sides of your brain increases your brain power especially your kids , when they were young.



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