Develop Kid’s Fine Motor Skills

1)      Hand – Eye Coordination.

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Firstly, a characteristic of fine motor skills is hand – eye coordination control of eye movement with hand  movement. Thus the, drawing can improve kid’s hand-eye coordination because:

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2)    Grasping

imageedit_18_3620284471Art and drawing is another key skill that is characteristic attribute  in fine motor skills because helps to develop the arm  and hand muscles when kids create handwriting and colour. This is because kid’s will be able to learn  about proper pencil grip and the ability to manipulate the pencil for handwriting and colour the picture. It  indirectly, makes kid’s to practice fine motor skill like arm, hand and finger movement once create a  drawing.


3)      Isolation


Motor skills including finger isolation need to practice by kids to make their finger muscle to function or exercise. Painting is a one of the best practices to improve finger isolation because allows kids to utilize both of hands to create wonderful works art.



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