Art For Kids


art for kids


What Is Art For Kids?

Art is diverse range of human actions  and categorized as performing arts and visual arts. What is visual arts? Visual art are such as painting, sculpture, print making, photography and other visual media.

Performing arts are music, theatre, film , dance. Art for kids explains the meaning of visual art to kids.Art is the expression of human creativity and imagination. The visual arts is an art that is primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography , video and so on.

art for kids

An art performed using crayon

A drawing can be interpreted in to a visual art intelligently by performing modification in term of shapes and colours.Visual Art than evolved in the year of 1601 as fine art and creative art. Fine art  refers to a skill used to express the artist’s creativity or art forms that developed primarily for aesthetics. Creative arts are collection of artworks that covey a message , mood , symbolism for the viewer to interpret.

Modern art starts at the year of 1863.A person who creates the art called an artist. Click here to discover more on art for kids.



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